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You were just diagnosed with a food allergy or looking for a natural way to manage health issues. You are tired of medicine and fad diets but know you need a change. The MSPI Life is an elimination diet that becomes a lifestyle for those wanting a permanent change. Get the support you need to learn to live a life with no dairy and no soy. I will help you develop a personalized plan to cut out these food items and regain your health today.

Schedule Shopping Session Now

Book a personal grocery shopping session with me. I will physically accompany you on an 1-hour visit to a grocery store in Liberty, Bryan, or Chatham counties (Georgia, USA) and virtually accompany you anywhere in the continental USA. You will learn how to shop for MSPI items and save money while eating healthy. The fee also includes an MSPI Life eBook or MSPI Life paperback.

Schedule Home Visit Now

Book an in-person or virtual home visit with me to prepare for the MSPI Life. We will identify items that do not fit into the lifestyle, find items that are great for the lifestyle, and prepare a customized list of items to add to your home. The fee also includes an MSPI Life eBook or MSPI Life paperback.

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